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Why Pro Play Live? We're Unique Among Poker Training Sites

What Makes Different? is unique among poker video training sites in that we bring you recognized live game professionals and a team of instructors that have won more WSOP bracelets than any other video training site.

Why Video Training?
OK, so you have been playing poker for awhile now and feel you're a pretty good poker player. But think for a minute about everyone else that you play with, whether it be in your home game, the casino, or online. How much effort do you think they put into CONTINUING to learn the game? How many of them have egos that prevent them from enhancing their game through more books, online poker training and poker educational camps? Don't you think you gain an edge over them every time you read a poker forum, poker magazine article, or view training videos like the ones available on Have you hit the wall or a plateau in your game? Do you know what you don't know? Are THEY a member gaining the edge on YOU?

Economically, It Just Makes Sense
Now let's just look at this economically. We are completely confident that after going through our poker video training library of professionals playing, instructing and narrating not only what they are doing and why, but also talking about the other players at the table, their reads on those players, identifying weakness and playing styles, and how you should handle certain game situations, that your game will absolutely improve. And if it improves your play just through you picking up a few more pots per hour or getting paid off bigger, more often or making a couple of correct laydowns that you otherwise would have have paid off, wouldn't you expect to see a return that's bigger than the paltry $19.95 a month Pro Play Live costs? So from a financial standpoint, you really can't go wrong! In Poker lexicon, that's referred to as a +EV Situation.

Learn By Watching And Listing
Learning poker the old fashioned way ("pay as you learn") can be expensive, time consuming, frustrating and even bewildering. What better way to learn than to "sweat the cards" of Professional Players? Except for one on one private poker instruction, there's really no better way for a poker player to get this type of learning experience. Try Pro Play Live now and improve your game, win more money, more often, and make playing poker a profit center rather than a recreational expense.

The Price Is Right!
And because we love bringing you new and unique content with tips, strategies and techniques to make you a better poker player, we make it super affordable (in other words, we're not getting rich by charging only $19.95!) so why not give it a shot and join now.

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Pro Play Live's poker school is unique in that our instructors are Professional Poker Players you recognize. Both WSOP Bracelet Winners and WPT Final Table Players help you improve your poker game. Join & start learning poker within minutes or sign up for our free newsletter. New poker training videos added often.
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