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Subscriber Testimonials - Pro Play Live Advanced Poker Training

I've been a pretty exclusive Hold'em player until joining Pro Play Live. I've been wanting to play some other games such as HORSE, Omaha and even Razz but didn't want to read a bunch of books to learn. From only watching your videos, I got Heads Up (but took second) in my very first HORSE tournament! It's really amazing how much you pick up by watching and listening. Suffice it to say, I've now got a year's worth of Pro Play membership paid for just by cashing in that one tournament...something that simply wouldn't have happened if I never watched your vids! Thank you so much and keep 'em coming!

Poker Player in South Florida

I lived In Vegas from 1980-1996. I started playing Texas Hold'em the first year I lived there and have been trying to make it profitable ever since. I would estimate my win/loss record at 48/52, respectively, just never quite able to get over the hump.

I started watching ProPlay with Tom McEvoy a little over a month ago and WOW have things changed! I had no idea how bad I was playing before! I play online and have been keeping records for a month now. I have cashed in 21 out of 44 tournaments entered and my "return on investment", as of last night, is 31%. Don't know many banks paying that!

Plus I am enjoying the game more than ever! ProPlay is a "must" for anyone wanting to improve their game!

Andy M. DeWitt MI

Last night we had our Last Man Standing Freeze-Out Texas Hold em Tournament at my house like we do every week. Three out of the four who made the final table, were non other than, the Arbuckle family, Danny Arbuckle, Jeri Arbuckle and our son Joe Arbuckle.

As we sat down, we told everyone about how we have become better poker players these past two weeks by watching ProPlay. The proof is in the pudding as they say!

Also my wife won over $1000 dollars last week in two $10 dollar buy-in tournaments that hosted over 800 players. She place 3rd in one and 4th in the other.

ProPlay is a one of a kind product that in my opinion can prepare any poker player for a live or online poker game. All they need to do is go to the ProPlay Library one hour before playing and get into a Pro's way of thinking, and they WILL see instant results!

ProPlay is the greatest!

D. Arbuckle Charleston SC

Tom's teachings have been invaluable.

I've been playing online with play money implementing what I've learned through Tom. The one part of my game that was the weakest was playing in a multi table tournament and getting to that final table. I was competitive enough to make it half way through the field but that was about it.

Now, using Tom's teachings, I've been able to make it to the final table, I'm guessing, about 70% of the time.

I think the biggest lesson I've learned is to "play position" and to "lay down the big hands" when out of position. My game has been on fire and I'm heading to Vegas again next week to try out what I've learned.

Thanks ProPlay,

John W. Westminster CO

I've learned more watching videos during my first 3 or 4 ProPlay sessions than I did by reading more than a dozen books and it's been one heck of a lot more fun. I pick up something from every ProPlay session I watch and now I understand why the Pro's don't consider themselves gamblers. They're not. They're in the business of winning people's money who think poker is about luck. I may not ever turn Pro, but I'll never be looked at as the fish at the table again.

When it comes to ProPlay, I'm ALL IN!

Randy S. Little Rock, AR

The ProPlay sessions have been invaluable and I have gone from losing almost every time I played No Limit Hold'em to placing "in the money" in 7 out of every 10 sit-and-go tournaments I play in.

The best part is that I can now use the recorded ProPlay episode to get in the right mindset before I play so ProPlay's no longer just a training tool but a "warm up" tool as well.

I look at it as getting Tom McEvoy "in my head" before I play. THIS HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN MY RESULTS!

Thanks Tom, and thanks to ProPlay for ProPlay.

Dr. Dennis Encinitas CA

I must honestly say, ProPlay is one of the best things to come around since baseball and football (did I forget women)? Since I started watching ProPlay I can tell you that it really has positively affected my play. You can throw out all the books about learning how to play and bet on poker. Nothing, and I mean nothing else can replace the real time live teaching of WSOP champions that ProPlay has on their team.

The best part is that each instructor will tell you what he has in the pocket and why he bets or lays down his hand. It really is too hard to describe until you watch and listen to them play. I have not missed one single session and have gone from winning 1 out of 12 single table tourney's to winning the table 30-40% of the time and hitting the money now about 75-80%!!

ProPlay has taught me when not to get trapped even when I am holding big slick (A-K) or a pocket pair. I am not afraid to lay down J-J or Q-Q. Now I remember there is always the next hand. I actually do my best playing AFTER I watch a ProPlay session, this way everything is still fresh in my mind. No more hoping for a good flop with mediocre pockets or throwing my chips away. Just listen to the Kenny Rogers gotta know when to hold'em but even more gotta know when to fold'em!

D. "Tiger" Wichert Lakewood CA

I am a beginner to No-Limit & after just one session I learned several mistakes that I was making in play. One was always playing when I got an Ace with any other card. Tom showed me that this is not a good move. I have gotten to where I lay down an Ace a lot more than I play it, mainly in early play. I usually am quite happy after the hand is over.

I also learned to play position to my advantage even when my cards are not that great. Another key thing Tom has embedded in my play is that you cannot WIN the tournament early, you can only LOSE it.

Since a few lessons, I can sit down & feel confident about my play. I have won 3 Sit & Go Tourneys & placed in several others. I have even had comments about my play from other players.all good.

ProPlay and Tom McEvoy can definitely improve anyones' game, no matter what your skill level.

J. Roberts Dyersberg TN

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