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Pro Play Live Poker Video Library - Advanced Poker Training

ProPlayLive is an advanced poker training school where you can watch online videos of our professional poker instructors "explaining while playing". Below is just a partial sampling of the videos available when you become a member:

$1K PokerStars Sunday Million
Part 1 of 5 (Hour 1)
NLH $1,050   - Early Tournament Playing Tips
  - "Meta Game Strategy"
  - Calling People Down
  - Survival vs Taking Risk Early in a Tournament
  - Tactics for Big Payday vs Just Making the Money
  - Why Over Raising Is a Bad Play
  - Mathematics of Amount to Raise
$1K PokerStars Sunday Million
Part 2 of 5 (Hour 2)
NLH $1,050   - Fold, See The Flop or Shove? Bet Amount vs Stack Size
  - Adjusting Hand Selection Based On Player Reactions
  - Stack Value vs Chip Value
  - More on the "Meta Game"
$1K PokerStars Sunday Million
Part 3 of 5 (Hour 3)
NLH $1,050   - Online Tells and Player Reaction Times
  - Adjusting Your Play When Your Stack is Down to 10-30 Big Blinds
  - The Lesser of 3 Evils (call, fold or raise): Loss Minimization When Playing With a Short Stack
  - Playing With a Big Stack - Got CHIPS?
$1K PokerStars Sunday Million
Part 4 of 5 (Hour 4)
NLH $1,050   - Bluff Equity and Picking Your Spots
  - Chip Accumulation Tournament Strategies
  - Stack Awareness Concepts
  - Why To Show Hands and When
  - Using & Misusing the Advanced Action Buttons
  - The Bubble: Playing Safely vs Profitably - Which is Correct?
$1K PokerStars Sunday Million
Part 5 of 5 (Hour 5)
NLH $1,050   - Strategies for Playing During Early Jumps in the Money
  - Deciding Best Time to Pull The Trigger When You Are a Crippled Stack
  - You Have Two Live Cards, Should You Go For It & Shove In?
$109 H.O.R.S.E. MTT (Hour 1 of 3) HORSE $109   - The Mechanics of H.O.R.S.E. Explained
  - Playing The Individual Games
  - Bluffing Techniques in Razz
  - Semi-Bluffing in Stud
  - Knowing When To Make The Right Folds
$109 H.O.R.S.E. MTT (Hour 2 of 3) HORSE $109   - Why To Avoid Playing Small Cards in Omaha
  - Examples of Strong Hands in Omaha
  - Good & Bad Ante Stealing Hands in Razz
  - Being the Chip Leader Doesn't Mean Playing Reckless
$109 H.O.R.S.E. MTT (Hour 3 of 3) HORSE $109   - Strategically Playing and Getting Out of The Way While On The Bubble
  - Diving In When You Can't Wait Any Longer
  - One Way To Structure A "Chop"
The PokerStars "Nightly Fifty Grand" Part 1 of 4 $55 Buy In NLH MTT NLH $55   - Using Your Opponent's Over-Raising Behavior as Tilt or Weak Player Identification
  - Evaluating & Adjusting Your Play During a Tournament With "what if's"
  - Situations When You Should & Should Not Bluff With Total Air
  - Calculating The Right Price to Make a Call
The PokerStars "Nightly Fifty Grand" Part 2 of 4 $55 Buy In NLH MTT NLH $55   - Choosing Hands You Can Get Action From and Avoiding Ones You Can't
  - Mixing Up Your Play Means Doing It WITH PURPOSE and Logic Not Just Randomly
  - When To Bluff Your Entire Stack: Calculating When a Key Bluff is Mathematically Correct.
  - When To Make a Weak Call With Good Implied Odds But Wrong Pot Odds
The PokerStars "Nightly Fifty Grand" Part 3 of 4 $55 Buy In NLH MTT NLH $55   - The Stack Size Binary Decision: Shove or Fold
  - Decision Making For Playing a Very Weak Hand Like 9-5
  - Fold Equity of Your Stack vs The Table Average Stack
  - Maintaining Tournament Focus
The PokerStars "Nightly Fifty Grand" Part 4 of 4 $55 Buy In NLH MTT NLH $55   - Calculating Positive Equity For "Go Broke" Calls
  - Simplifying Post-Flop Decisions With All In Pushes
  - The Biggest Mistake Winning Players Make in Tournament Poker
PokerStars REBUY $55K Guaranteed
Part 1 of 4
NLH $11+R   - Chip Equity Calculations For Taking Rebuys And Add-Ons
  - Loose, Aggressive, Crazy Play in Rebuys: Right or Wrong?
  - Should You Slow Play Dangerous Boards During a Rebuy Period?
  - Should You Limp With ATC (Any Two Cards) During a Rebuy Period?
  - The One LOGICAL Reason For Making An Overbet
PokerStars REBUY $55K Guaranteed
Part 2 of 4
NLH $11+R   - The Mathematical Argument Against Quitting a Rebuy Tourney Before The End of the Rebuy Period
  - Determining Your Opponent's Range With The Intention of Trapping Them With Good But Not Great Hands During Rebuy
  - Thoughts on Chip Accumulation vs Survival
  - When Good Traps Go Bad (Final Hand Before End of Rebuy)
PokerStars REBUY $55K Guaranteed
Part 3 of 4
NLH $11+R   - Taking The Add-On in Rebuy Tourneys: Chip Equity Calculations
  - Using Stopper Bets For Risk Minimization
  - Bluffing on the Flop or Turn With Zero Outs vs Semi-Bluffs
  - River Bluffs: Frequency, Situations and Types of Hands
PokerStars REBUY $55K Guaranteed
Part 4 of 4
NLH $11+R   - Strategy For Dealing With an Aggressive Table
  - How Random Number Generators (RNGs) Work In Online Poker
  - Poker And Being Card Dead


Short Handed $1-$2 NLH Cash Game 6-Handed
$1-$2   - Adjusting For When The Big Stack is on Your Left
  - "Polarizing" Your Hand as Well as Your Opponent's
  - The "2 over n" Rule
  - Analyzing Calling With a Gutshot Straight Draw
$1-$2 H.O.R.S.E. Cash Game
(Part 1 of 2)
HORSE $1-$2   - How To Exploit HORSE Cash Games
  - Correclty Making the Change
  - Perils of 1-Dimensional Draws in Omaha
  - Trapping in Razz?
  - Game Structure and "The Steal Ratio"
$1-$2 H.O.R.S.E. Cash Game
(Part 2 of 2)
HORSE $1-$2   - Trouble Hands in Omaha Hi-Lo
  - Hand Strength & Bluffing: Low vs. Medium Strength
  - Cash Game Selection & Skill Levels
  - The Key to Making Money in Limit Poker
$2-$4 Limit Holdem Cash Game Limit
$2-$4   - Playing and Not Playing Suited Connectors in Limit Hold'em
  - Showing Your Hand When They Don't Pay For It
  - Strategies for Playing Low Limit, Looser Games
  - First In The Pot in Limit Hold'em? Raise or Limp?
  - On The River: Overly Fine Reads, Pot Odds & Crying Calls
$10-$20 NLH Cash Game Part 1 of 2 NLH $10-$20   - Your Starting Stack: Max or Short
  - Bluffing Into Protected Pots
  - Evaluating Risk-Reward Ratios As a Function Of Opponent Stack Size
  - Advertising At The Table: Worth The Cost?
$10-$20 NLH Cash Game Part 2 of 2 NLH $10-$20   - Adjusting When The Table Gets Short Handed
  - Identifying Opportunities & Making Re-Steal Moves
  - A Rule of Thumb on The Number of Hands to Play as The Number of Players at The Table Changes
  - Maximizing Action: Playing Strong Hands Fast vs. Playing Them Slow
$10-$20 Limit Stud Hi Cash Game Stud Hi $10-$20   - Ante Stealing Situations in Stud Hi
  - The Value of Concealed Pairs
  - Straight Draws & Little Pairs in Stud Hi
$3-$6 PLO Cash Game Session PLO $3-$6   - Playing Pairs in Pot Limit Omaha
  - Playing Straight Draws vs. Sets
  - "Pot Sweetener" Raises
  - How 1 Hand Can Make A Session
$1-$2 NLH Cash Game
Part 1 of 2
NLH $1-$2   - Hand Profit Potential vs Implied Odds Decision Points
  - Techniques For Inducing Your Opponents to Bluff
  - Selecting the Most Profitable Tables for Cash Games
  - Subtle Strategy Differences Between NLH and Limit Hold'em
$1-$2 NLH Cash Game
Part 2 of 2
NLH $1-$2   - What Type of Play Makes a Good Cash Game Table?
  - Minimizing Your Variance With Stopper Bets
  - When to Call Monsters PreFlop With Speculative Hands
  - Situations Where Check-Calling Makes Sense
  - What's The Max # of Opponents You Should Bluff?
  - Classifying Players: The Believers & The Non-Believers
$10-$20 Limit Holdem LIM-H $10-$20   - Bankroll Management Concepts
  - Psychology of Losing
  - What is a "Weak Lead", Why It's Important & How to React to It
  - Moving Up in Game Limits
  - Why Over Raising Is a Bad Play
  - Differences Between No Limit & Limit Hold'em and Cash vs Tourneys
High Limit $30-$60 Limit Holdem 6-Handed Table LIM-H $30-$60   - Advantages of Raising When Entering a Pot
  - Evaluating The Quality of a Short Handed Game
  - Playing & Defending Your Big Blind
  - Identifying "Give Up" Plays in Your Opponents, Then Taking The Pot
  - Squeezing Those Extra Bets Out of Your Opponents
High Limit $30-$60 Limit Holdem 6-Handed Table LIM-H $30-$60   - Buy-In Amount Logic For Limit Games
  - Percentage of Hands You Should Be Playing In The Blinds
  - Bill's Philosophy On Slow Playing Big Flopped Hands
  - Strategy For When Someone Bets Into You When You Are The PreFlop Raiser
  - The Correct Times To Call Players Down in Limit Hold'em
Special Mystery Guest!
(name omitted) Visits For a NLH Cash Game Session
Part 1 of 2
NLH $5-$10   - Why To Open Pots With Higher Than Usual Bets In An Online Cash Game
  - The "2 Limper Rule"
  - Stealing Pots From Strength Positions Instead of Obvious Positions (like the button)
  - Playing connected cards, avoiding 3-gappers, probe bets, avoiding trap hands and more.

A Sometimes Humorous Cash Game Session Where The 2 Instructors Don't Always Agree on Every Play.
Special Mystery Guest!
NLH Cash Session Part 2 of 2
NLH $5-$10   - Tight Cash Game Play
  - Reasons for Showing Your Hand
  - Staying Disciplined When You Are Card Dead

Tight Table NLH Cash Game Strategies
$3-$6 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 Cash Part 1 of 2 Omaha
Hi-Lo 8
$3-$6   - Maximizing Your Profit in Omaha Hi Lo: Push 'em Out or Keep 'em In?
  - Avoiding Omaha Pitfalls: Non-Nut Hands
  - The Value of Position in Omaha vs Hold'em
  - Omaha's "Always Fold" Hands
  - Bluffing in Omaha (or the lack thereof)
$3-$6 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 Cash Part 2 of 2 Omaha
Hi-Lo 8
$3-$6   - Playing From The Big Blind PreFlop
  - Pitfalls of Playing Medium Cards in Omaha Hi-Lo
  - Premium & Junk Hands in Omaha vs Premium & Junk Hands in Hold'em
  - Hand Selection in Heads-Up Pots vs Multi-Way Pots
  - 3-Legged Dog aka Dangler Hands
$1-$2 NLH Cash Session NLH $1-$2   - Using Board Texture to Determine Your Actions
  - The "Squeeze Play" Explained in Detail
  - Keeping Your Opponents Guessing With Effective Continuation Bets
  - How to Play A-K out of Position
  - The "One Pair Rule" for Calling in Early Position
Nose Bleed Seats!
$100-$200 Short Handed Limit Holdem
LIM-H $100-$200   - Pot Entering Strategies in High Limit Hold'em Games
  - What's the Right Level of Aggression in $100-$200?
  - Playing the Blinds in High Limit Hold'em
  - Starting Hand Selection in $100-$200
  - Playing 3-Way Pots vs Heads Up Pots in Limit
NLH Cash Game "Short Stack Strategy" Session NLH $.50-$1.00   - Short Stack Strategy (SSS) Defined
  - Advantages of Playing a Short Stack Strategy
  - Why Min-Raising is a Terrible Play
  - When to Reload When Playing a SSS

SSS: Intentionally playing with a stack smaller than most of the other players at the table.
$3-$6 STUD Hi-Lo Cash Game
Part 1 of 2
Stud 8 $3-$6   - The Bring In: Do It For Minimum or Maximum?
  - Starting Hands In Detail For Stud Hi-Lo
  - PreFlop Hand Selection Strategy for Limit Games
  - "Freerolling Strategy" for Stud Hi-Lo
  - When & Why To Avoid Raising Wars in Stud Hi-Lo
  - The Hands Most of Your Opponents Play But You Should Fold
$3-$6 STUD Hi-Lo Cash Session 2 of 2 Stud 8 $3-$6   - The Structure of Stud Games
  - Game Adjustments When Moving Up in Limit in Stud Hi-Lo
  - How To Use Dead Cards & Dead Suits To Read Your Opponent's Hands
  - The Relevance of Position in Stud
  - How To BELIEVABLY Represent a Big Hand in Stud
$2-$4 Triple Draw Cash Session aka 5 Card Draw Low Triple Draw
Low Ball
$2-$4   - The Importance of Position in Triple Draw
  - Valuing Your Hand By Identifying Cards That Your Opponent's Likely Need
  - River Decisions and River Betting Strategies
  - Pat Hands vs Drawing Hands
  - Using Opponent's Number of Cards Drawn To Determine Your Bet and/or Hand Strength
Introduction to Omaha Hi-Lo Omaha
$2-$4   - This is an Introduction To Omaha Video
  - Some Basics Including Starting Hand Selection Are Covered
  - Understanding The Differences Between Omaha and Hold'em
  - Pursuing Low Hands vs High-Only Hands
  - John is Asked Questions About Omaha While Playing
Omaha Hi-Lo $10-$20 Cash Part 1 of 2 Omaha 8 $10-$20   - Some Omaha Basics
  - Your Hand Selection vs Number of Players in the Pot
  - Playing "Dangler" Hands in Various Situations
  - Avoiding "excuses" to play Mediocre Hands in Omaha
  - Should You Give Free Cards in Omaha?
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
Omaha Hi-Lo $10-$20 Cash Part 2 of 2 Omaha 8 $10-$20   - Playing The Button and Blind Stealing (or not)
  - Having the Best Hand but a Vulnerable One
  - Bad Beat Paranoia in Omaha Hi-Lo
  - Importance of the 6 Card in Omaha Hi-Lo
  - Position in Omaha Compared to any Other Form of Poker
  - Before You Start Playing: Omaha Game Selection
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
Stud Hi-Lo $2-$4 Cash Part 1 of 2 Stud 8 $2-$4   - Some Stud Hi-Lo Basics
  - Using the Blind Amounts to Calculate the "Steal Ratio" (Risk/Reward)
  - "Freerolling" Defined
  - Good High Starting Hands for Stud Hi vs Stud Hi-Lo
  - Proper Use of The Advanced Action Buttons
  - Stud Hi-Lo Betting Intentions: Keep 'em In or Scare 'em Out?
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
Stud Hi-Lo $2-$4 Cash Part 2 of 2 Stud 8 $2-$4   - Paying Attention to Visible Cards To Make Better Decisions
  - Strategies for Likely Scooped Pots (either for you and your opponent)
  - The Steal Position in Stud
  - Playing at Fast Tables vs Non-Fast Tables
  - What to do When an Ace Completes Behind You
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
Razz $3-$6 Cash Part 1 of 2 Razz $3-$6   - What to Do When You Are First to Enter The Pot
  - Position in Razz Explained
  - Use and MisUse of the AutoFold Button in Razz
  - 3-Card Starting Hand Tips
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
Razz $3-$6 Cash Part 2 of 2 Razz $3-$6   - Stealing Situations in Razz
  - The Importance of Identifying "Dead Cards"
  - When to Fold or Play When You Are The Bring-In
  - A Stud Game Visible Card Memory Trick
  - Good Razz Starting Hand Ranges
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
NLH $3-$6 Cash
Part 1 of 2
NLH $3-$6   - Posting Your Blind: When To Profitably Enter a Cash Game
  - The Danger of You Getting a Table Image as an "active player"
  - Who Wins More? The Loose Aggressive Player or the Tight Aggressive Cash Game Player? Plus, Their Respective Bank Roll and Variance Differences.
  - Bluff Inducing Turn/River Tactics
  - Knowing Your Opponents: Playing the Same Hand & Same Situation Against Different Types of Opponents
  - Aggression & Your Opponent's Fold Likelihood in Tournaments vs Cash Games
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent
NLH $3-$6 Cash
Part 2 of 2
NLH $3-$6   - Dealing With Those Pesky Aggressive Players? Just Call More Often!
  - Multi-Way Pots: Safe To Trap or Induce a Bluff?
  - Determining Opponent Tilt
  - Intentionally Playing Speculative Hands Against Suspected Big Hands
  - What's Really Important About Table Image
  - Player Names Blocked Out to Protect the Innocent


3 Heads Up NLH SNGs NLH $20-$30   - HU Pre-Flop Raising Philosophy
  - The Concept of "Sklansky Bucks"
  - Slow Playing vs Playing Fast in HU
  - Luck vs Skill in Heads Ups
$22 Limit Omaha SNG Part 1 of 2 Omaha
$22   - When You Are Dealt 4-Cards to a Straight
  - Bluffing Success Rates in Omaha
  - Getting a Read on PreFlop Re-Raises in Omaha
  - Short Chipped in Limit Omaha: Don't Give Up
$22 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo SNG Part 2 of 2 Omaha
$22   - Exchanging Chips for Information
  - Playing the Bubble in Omaha Hi-Lo
  - Pressuring Opponents
  - Heads Up in Omaha
PokerStars WSOP Step 6 SNG Satellite Part 1 of 2 NLH $2,200   - Understanding PokerStars' STEP Satellite System
  - Playing Suited vs Non-Suited Ace-Rag Type Hands
  - The Difference Between Playing WEAK and Playing PASSIVELY
  - Making DETAILED Reads on Your Opponents
  - When Short Term Aggression Can Result In Long Term Conflict Avoidance
  - What To Do When Your Intended Raise Or Re-Raise Is 1/3 or More Of Your Stack
PokerStars WSOP Step 6 SNG Satellite Part 2 of 2 NLH $2,200   - Bubble Play (Multiple Money Levels)
  - 3-Handed Play: In Depth
  - When to Play Small Ball vs Long Ball
  - Tactics For When You Have About 1/2 The Chips In Play
  - End Game Heads Up Strategy
  - Overall, A LOT Of Very Interesting Hands/Situations/Decisions Arise In This Video!
Part 1 of 2
NLH $50   - Calling Raises With Small Pairs
  - Playing The Math of What The Pot Is Offering You vs. The Risk To Your Stacks
  - Making Low Risk Bluffs and Steals
  - Stealing: With Antes vs. No Antes
  - "Risk of Ruin" Concepts
  - Chip Value vs. Stack Size
Part 2 of 2
NLH $50   - Playing A Big Stack Properly
  - The Theory Behind Moving In With 10 BB or Less
  - Overcoming The Fear of Having The Worst Hand
  - Maintaining Adequate Fold Equity
  - Justifying Putting Chips Into The Pot
  - Math Driven Re-Raise Bluffs & Randomization of Your Play to "Mix It Up"
$30 NLH SNG Turbo NLH
$30   - Narrowing Your Opponent's Range
  - Setting Pot Odds For Both You and Your Opponent
  - Weak/Strong Betting Patterns
  - Playing Aces
  - Taking The Power That Goes With Raising
  - Discussion About Raising Amounts
$22 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo SNG Part 1 of 2 Omaha $22   - Early Stage SNG Strategy
  - Strategy Variation Based on Stakes/Limit
  - Avoiding Mistakes with the Lo
  - Recommended Method For Playing Trash Hands
$22 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo SNG Part 2 of 2 Omaha
$22   - Be Selective: Play Fewer Hands in Omaha
  - Dealing With Aggressive Tables
  - Punishing Opponents Who Play Too Many Hands
  - Strategies When 74% Of The Table Is Short Stacked
  - The Chip Conservation Approach
  - Shifting Gears After Making The Money
$33 SNG (Part 1 of 2) NLH $33   - When an "Incorrect Decision" in Poker is Actually Acceptable if Not the Right Decision For The Situation
  - Avoiding Mistakes With Advance and Live Action Buttons in Online Poker
  - The Hidden Value of Playing Suited Connector / Gapper Hands
  - Why Checking The River When You Think You Have The Best Hand Can Be Correct
$33 Win (Part 2 of 2) NLH $33   - The SNG Bubble Decision: Sneak Into the Money Or Go For The Win
  - How To Prevent Re-Raise & Re-Re-Raise Bluffs Against You
  - Flopped Trips: Slow Play or Bet It?
  - Raising on the Button, How Much is Too Much and Why?
  - Heads Up PreFlop Raising Amounts
$60 SNG 2nd Place
Saw Only 10% of Flops
NLH $60   - Not Giving Up
  - When to Play Marginal Hands
  - When You Can Limp with AA or KK
  - Dangers of Unraised Pots
  - Seeing Only 10% of Flops
$555 SNG Turbo 5 Min Blinds NLH $555   - Avoiding "Frustration Plays"
  - Preserving Your Stack vs. Adding to It
  - Playing With Rapidly Increasing High Blinds
  - Heads Up Hand Selection
$60 SNG Turbo 5 Min Blinds NLH $60   - Bluffing Early in a Sit And Go
  - Loose Aggressive vs. Passive Aggressive Play
  - Are Turbos a Crap Shoot?
  - You Can't Manufacture a Good Hand

Plus Many Other Videos

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